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Get stronger, lose body fat, gain endurance, and see visible lean muscle with our Group Exercise Program!  Accomplish all of these things in a motivating, fun, non-judgmental, and supportive environment!

At Stanlaw Fitness, our Group Exercise Program takes place both in our fitness studio and online in our Private Facebook Group.  This dual system took place because of the COVID-19 Pandemic when we switched to an online-only platform.  Now that we have been up and running again at our studio again, we offer both online and in-person classes.  This system has been a big hit amongst our Members and we love pushing them to their limits!  

Get results with intense classes such as strength training, kickboxing, STRONG by Zumba, Boot Camp, and more!  While you definitely want to speak with one of our Instructors before deciding which classes you will take and when to rest, just know that you have 7 days of classes at your full disposal!  

You will receive amazing support and motivation from not only our Instructors, but from our amazing #StanlawFitFam as well, who have become just as motivating as our Team!!!

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