Client Testimonials

“I’ve been training with Mike for almost 8 years in various gyms. He’s a terrific, caring, and most of all a knowledgeable trainer.  I highly recommend Mike to anyone wanting to improve their health, loose weight, or just have some fun while getting into the best shape of your life. I know at 54 I am.  Mike is not only my trainer, he’s also become a great friend to my whole family!”–Personal Training Client Dee Giordano


“This is a fantastic facility. Mike Stanlaw is an excellent trainer who really cares about his clients and wants them to reach their fitness goal whatever it maybe. His fitness studio is well laid out with everything you could want for a good work out either one on one with himself or one of his trainers or for one of the group work out classes. Classes are fun with a very positive vibe. In the classes everyone always seems to be ready to give the work out their best yet it always feels like a group ready to support each other to success. “–Personal Training Client Angela Moulton


“Since August 2015 I have had the privilege to be a part of the Stanlaw experience. Each and every workout is challenging but I am really enjoying myself and the results!”–Group Exercise Member Dawn Herring


“If you have not tried Stanlaw Fitness yet, make today the day!”I’ve been training with Mike for 8 years, and the first things I noticed about him are his commitment and dedication to his role, his positive energy, and his ability to identify his client’s strengths and building on those strengths.
Opening Stanlaw Fitness seemed a natural progression, from the attention to detail in the facility, the classes, and most of all, his attention to client’s goals . He has a first rate establishment with great classes and trainers, in a positive, fun atmosphere, and no doubt, you will also get an effective workout that will make you coming back for more!!!!!”–Personal Training Client Sue Abend


“Let me start by saying I’m probably the least motivated person in the world when it comes to working out.  In addition, I get bored very easily which makes sticking to a routine even harder. That being said, Stanlaw Fitness is AWESOME! The trainers are so friendly and keep the workouts challenging and fun. Even in the group classes they provide individual attention to ensure you are doing everything correctly and maximizing your results. I particularly love pushing myself in Danielle’s boot camps every Thursday.  It’s also perfect for me that they offer different classes everyday and change up the routines week to week. It also doesn’t hurt that Mike has a great music selection 🙂 to keep you pumping hard throughout your workout! They have a variety of class times, so whether you are an early morning riser like myself or someone that prefers evening workouts, they have you covered.  I actually started out by taking advantage of their offer to try a week of classes free! I started my free trial on Monday May 1…completed my week…signed up right away and have not missed a class since! I highly recommend them to everyone. Regardless of what your goals are they will help you achieve them!”–Group Exercise Member Toni Ann Arrigo



“Mike has kept me motivated and on track with my training for the past five years. Even when I’m not training with him he is always checking in on me to keep me motivated. His training studio is the best thing that happened. His personal attention to detail is by far the best. I would recommend his studio to anyone looking to get in the best shape of their live and staying focused on training.”–Personal Training Client Andy Williams


“Stanlaw Fitness is a great studio and Mike is an awesome trainer and owner! I’ve trained with Mike for a few years now and have been really happy with the results. I trained with him after my son was born and have been training with him now throughout my whole second pregnancy. I’m 39 weeks and we’re still going strong! Mike is very knowledgeable, motivating and fun to train with. And he really helps you set and achieve goals. You will not be disappointed if you train at Stanlaw Fitness!”–Personal Training Client Christina DiFeo Petrella 


“I’ve been going to Stanlaw Fitness in Bayonne ever since it opened in July 2015. There is simply no comparison to other fitness centers in the area. It’s a great environment, the staff is all great, and I’ve been able to see real results. This center is clean, safe, and fun! There are always friendly faces to be found. Mike, the owner is awesome! He takes the time to know his clients and gives such good advice, he keeps you motivated and wanting to come back for more!  If you are looking to get in the best shape of your life I highly recommend Stanlaw Fitness! Come on what are you waiting for!!!”–Group Exercise Member Patty Nicoletti


“Michael and his staff offer a variety of workouts specifically tailored to the individual needs of his clients. The space is clean and the people are friendly and efficient. A worthwhile experience and a good value for the price. MIchael, thanks for helping us achieve our fitness goals!”–Group Exercise Members Elliot and Mary Appel


“I recently joined Stanlaw Fitness and Danielle has been a fabulous trainer to work with. She strikes a great balance between pushing you to help you achieve your goals and making you feel comfortable and at ease while working out. I highly recommend scheduling a training session with her!”–Personal Training Client Cheiron Brandon


“Stanlaw Fitness stands out from all the other gyms because of the owner, Mike Stanlaw. His passion for fitness and his gym is immediately obvious. Not only are the classes excellent but he genuinely cares for all his clients in that you don’t just feel like another number. The class schedule is prefect offering something for everyone from 5:15am till 8:00pm. (I also must mention that the other trainers at Stanlaw are awesome as well!)”–Group Exercise Member Dawn Lavelle


“I highly recommend Stanlaw Fitness! Mike and his trainers truly care about the progress of the members!!! The group training is awesome!”–Group Exercise Member Karen Fiermonte



“I highly recommend Stanlaw Fitness to anyone who wants to look and feel great! My trainer is Mike and he’s very passionate and skilled at what he does. My training schedule is super flexible and he’s always readily available to give me great advice on training or diet even in the hours I’m not in the gym. He really seeks to fully understand your goals and makes it his goal to get you there. You’ll become addicted to progress in no time when you join Stanlaw Fitness no matter what your specific fitness goal is.”–Personal Training Client Cynthia Minarick


“Joining Stanlaw Fitness was probably the best decision I have ever made. Great personal trainers, staff and all work well together like a team. Joined back in June 2016 and Stanlaw Fitness has turned into a second home. Mike is willing to work and adjust everything to your need. It is not only about getting fit but more so staying healthy and developing healthy habits. I would recommend coming here and working out in either group classes or personal training to anyone and everyone.”–Personal Training Client Leanna Karlicki



“I started training at Stanlaw Fitness about 3 months ago, and I instantly fell in love with the place! I was very hesitant of checking out a privately-owned gym; however, it was the BEST decision! Mike’s group training classes are intense, and I am already seeing AND feeling results, both physically and mentally! ALL of the staff are friendly and helpful! The facility is ALWAYS pristine! And all of the gym members are outgoing and motivating! It feels like a team effort to reach our fitness goals! My only complaint is that I did not attempt Stanlaw Fitness SOONER! If you are looking for RESULTS, then this is definitely the place! You will NOT be disappointed!”–Group Exercise Member Kelly Kopec


“I met Mike Stanlaw at a local vendor fair and he was very down to earth! We spoke about business, fitness and his passion was refreshing. I provided him with my contact number and he reached out to me right away to follow up on my interest for personal training. The following day, Jessica reaches out to me to introduced herself and set up a time to meet. We met the following weekend and she was/is great! I appreciate her patience and being there for me whenever I have needed her. Mike, Jessica and the rest of the staff at Stanlaw make you feel part of their fitness family immediately. I definitely recommend!”–Personal Training Client Omara Quintana


“I started the group exercise classes here earlier this year. Mike’s motivation throughout the class was beyond awesome. He kept me going even when it got tough. His positivity goes a long way and you always leave his place feeling accomplished and refreshed. Thanks for getting me back into being healthy!”–Group Exercise Member Shana Gallagher


“Mike Stanlaw offers many individual personal 1 on 1 training options at an affordable price in his great training facility in Bayonne as well as group classes. I have been training with Mike for about a Month and i already see an drastic change in my body that i would not be able to achieve on my own. Not only will you be looking great in a short period of time, you will feel the positive effect that this has on your overall outlook and general well being which can be life changing. If you are looking for a total transformation or to just get yourself in shape, I would highly recommend that you consider working with Mike to achieve the results that you desire. Regardless if you are a beginner or if you are very experienced with working out, Mike will custom tailor a training program specifically designed for your individual goals.”–Personal Training Client Vincent Montemurno


“Mike is the best! Both my sons started training with this past summer and have had his other trainers work with them as well. They are all excellent! They have changed my sons’ mindset to both fitness and nutrition! They are so motivated now, they look forward to their workouts and enjoy sharing what they are learning from Mike with everyone who will listen!:) Not only is he a top notch trainer, motivator and all around good guy! He is an excellent role model for my 15 and 12 year old! I highly recommend Stanlaw Fitness! Mike and his staff are second to none!”–Donna D’Anna-Piscopo, Mom of Youth Fitness Clients Matthew and Michael


“Mike is one of the BEST trainers in this area. He is extremely educated in this line of work. When I met with him I didn’t want to lose much weight but, my focus was to become more toned. My body fully transformed within a month from him training me. From his workout regimens, to his detailed meal plans I was able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and feel great. Mike has always made me feel very comfortable during my work outs and has become a good friend. If you want AMAZING and fast results go to STANLAW FITNESS!! Thank you Mike!”–Personal Training Client Toniann Mariano


“One of the most challenging aspects of living in Bayonne is trying to find a place to workout. After wasting months pretending I would actually start using my membership to one of the commercial gyms here, I decided to give personal training at Stanlaw a try, solely based on the reviews I had read. My only regret has been not making the jump sooner. There aren’t enough superlatives I can use to describe what Danielle has done for me in just a few months. I showed up to my first workout in the worst shape of my life, but Danielle made coming back every day easy. She crafts every workout specifically for my goals and current abilities. I couldn’t be happier with the progress I have been able to make in the past two months, and I feel better than I ever have, both in the gym and during my daily life. Most importantly, the friendly atmosphere in the gym makes you feel at home and the hard-working attitude is contagious. I am grateful for Danielle and the rest of the amazing trainers at Stanlaw.”–Personal Training Client Carlos Cortes


“I have been doing the 12 week personal training program with Jessica and the program is great. Jess has help me reached my first step of goals, she’s answered every question about health and diet and helps me make better choices and has plenty of recommendations. She has also opened my eyes to a world of many different exercises that i would have never tried on my own.Jess, Mike and the staff at Stanislaw Fitness have been very motivating and awesome to work with. Thank you for keeping me movitated and boosting my self esteem.”–Personal Training Client Danielle Amato


“I needed to get in shape quickly in order to pass some physical tests for my occupation. I have never worked out and did not have the slightest of clue where to start out. So I decided to stop by and inquire about how they could help me. After talking with Mike we decided to go with Danielle as my personal trainer, and it was a great decision as I have seen great improvements in my strength and abdominal region. If you want to get in shape and don’t know where to start call them up and they will get the ball running 100%.”–Personal Training Client Jeffrey Douglas


“Don’t let the For Rent sign on the outside of the building fool you. Stanlaw Fitness is alive and kicking.
I admit that I at first thought that the building was empty because of the sign and didn’t explore the area for months in search of a gym, but I am more than glad that I decided to be adventurous and found the place.
I’ve tried out different gyms here in America, and I finally decided to stick to Stanlaw Fitness. It has been the most enjoyable gym experience I’ve had here. It’s very different from the other gyms I’ve been to, which have all been run by corporations. It’s cozy and intimate. One may have second thoughts because of Stanlaw Fitness being smaller and having less equipment than other larger corporate run gyms. I was one of those people. However, let me assure you that they have enough equipment for good workouts that will bring about results.
The strongest aspect of Stanlaw Fitness is their ability to effectively foster a culture of fitness and conscientiousness. The problem that I had with other gyms is that I just couldn’t be motivated to go run on a treadmill or do workouts. This is why I believe the most important part of the gym is not how much equipment there is or how good the protein shakes are, but how well it encourages its members to keep going back and working hard to achieve their goals. Stanlaw Fitness is able to achieve this in multiple ways. The trainers are encouraging and make you want to try more, pushing you hard but still watching out for your well-being. Personal training is offered for a fair price and is executed competently. The group classes are varied and fun. Mike e-mails the members every Monday to get their 30 minutes of exercise in and shares relevant articles on fitness. You feel that you’re being watched out for.
One of my favorite things about Stanlaw Fitness is how meticulously clean it is. That was one of the first thing I noticed about it upon seeing the studio for the first time. It’s aesthetically beautiful, and the whole feel and layout of the place makes you wanna workout. However, the thing that really impressed me was how Stanlaw Fitness was able to instill the habit of cleanliness in their clients as well. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve been to other gyms, and I rarely ever saw people wipe down their equipment. In Stanlaw Fitness, the clients always did so, keeping the place pristine and sanitary.
The other thing I like most about Stanlaw Fitness is how friendly the people are. The trainers know and greet everyone by name and reply promptly to texts and e-mails. The clients know each other. You feel a sense of friendship in the gym, and it encourages you to keep coming back.
I used to go to the gym only once or twice a week, sometimes none at all. I like Stanlaw Fitness so much that I now go to the gym at least three to four times a week. I recommend the personal training. I have been sorely disappointed with the personal training I received in another gym, and Stanlaw Fitness showed me how good it can get. A big shoutout to Kelly, who has been an amazing trainer. She’s very friendly and sweet while being serious about her job and pushing me hard to achieve my goals. She’s easy to talk to and very encouraging. I was not able to see results after three months in other gyms, but I lost five inches and five pounds in one month with Stanlaw Fitness. I can also run for thirty minutes on the treadmill now, something I never knew I could do because I used to feel exhausted and spent by ten minutes. I used to dread exercise and feel very lazy, but now I enjoy it and look forward to it.
You are not a stranger in Stanlaw Fitness. They involve themselves in your life rather than being a distant bystander. They work hard with you and celebrate with you when you achieve your goals. They have the human touch that corporate businesses lack. I only have good things to say about Stanlaw Fitness. If you want to achieve your goals and have a good time, go to Stanlaw Fitness. You won’t regret it.”–Personal Training Client Janina Tresvalles