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Our “Why?”

Thank you for visiting Stanlaw Fitness.  By checking out this page, you are already one step closer to getting in the BEST shape of your life!!!

Our personal mission, or our “Why?” is to help everyone (members, non-members, everyone, and anyone) get at least 30 minutes of physical activity in every single day.  When we ask you “Did you get your 30?”, this is exactly what we mean!

If you train here, we will help you accomplish your goal through Personal Training and Group Exercise Classes with our Certified Personal Trainers.

Whether you choose to exercise here with Personal Training or Group Exercise (or BOTH!), we are confident that you will get in tip top shape if you stick with the program!  While you are here on our site, set up your first complimentary Personal Training Workout or Group Exercise Class (Contact Us Section).  We hope you join our studio, but make sure you get your free first workout in here either way!!!

Thanks for being a part of Stanlaw Fitness, and remember to train hard, live healthy, and follow the Five “Laws” of Stanlaw Fitness:

“Envision.  Plan.  Work.  Achieve.  Inspire.”