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Did you get your 30 today?

Stanlaw Fitness is a Personal Training and Group Exercise Studio in Bayonne, New Jersey that works with everyone, from fitness beginners to seasoned gym rats, and everyone in between.  Whatever your experience level is, we will help you accomplish your health and fitness goals through Personal Training and/or Group Exercise Classes – without putting a strain on your budget.  

Our personal mission is to help everyone get at least 30 minutes of physical activity every single day. When we ask you “Did You Get Your 30?”, this is exactly what we mean!

Whether you choose to exercise here with Personal Training or Group Exercise (or both!), we are confident that you will look AND feel better if you stick with the program! We would love for you to join the atmosphere and camaraderie that fuels Stanlaw Fitness every day. Want to see what we’re all about? Start your one week trial today!


  • Mike has kept me motivated and on track with my training for the past five years. Even when I’m not training with him he is always checking in on me to keep me motivated. His training studio is the best thing that happened. His personal attention to detail is by far the best. I would recommend his studio to anyone looking to get in the best shape of their live and staying focused on training.

    Andy Williams
    Personal Training Client
  • Michael and his staff offer a variety of workouts specifically tailored to the individual needs of his clients. The space is clean and the people are friendly and efficient. A worthwhile experience and a good value for the price. Michael, thanks for helping us achieve our fitness goals!

    Elliot and Mary Appel
    Group Exercise Members
  • I started the group exercise classes here earlier this year. Mike’s motivation throughout the class was beyond awesome. He kept me going even when it got tough. His positivity goes a long way and you always leave his place feeling accomplished and refreshed. Thanks for getting me back into being healthy!

    Shana Gallagher
    Group Exercise Member
  • I’ve been training with Mike for almost 8 years in various gyms. He’s a terrific, caring, and most of all a knowledgeable trainer. I highly recommend Mike to anyone wanting to improve their health, loose weight, or just have some fun while getting into the best shape of your life. I know at 54 I am. Mike is not only my trainer, he’s also become a great friend to my whole family!

    Dee Giordano
    Personal Training Client
  • This is a fantastic facility. Mike Stanlaw is an excellent trainer who really cares about his clients and wants them to reach their fitness goal whatever it maybe. His fitness studio is well laid out with everything you could want for a good work out either one on one with himself or one of his trainers or for one of the group work out classes. Classes are fun with a very positive vibe. In the classes everyone always seems to be ready to give the work out their best yet it always feels like a group ready to support each other to success.

    Angela Moulton
    Personal Training Client
  • Since August 2015 I have had the privilege to be a part of the Stanlaw experience. Each and every workout is challenging but I am really enjoying myself and the results!

    Dawn Herring
    Group Exercise Member